follow the child

Southern Hills Montessori School is an established educational facility that began in 1970 at Southern Hills Methodist Church. We offer a three year curriculum for the child, beginning at age 3 through age 5, that concentrates on building independence, creative thinking and a positive self-image by encouraging curiosity and problem solving in a carefully planned and supportive environment.

Our Method and Goal: Montessori Education is both a philosophy of child growth and a means for guiding such growth. It emphasized that the most important time in a child's development is the first six years of life, when unconscious learning is gradually brought to the conscious level. It is during this time that the child possesses his optimum sensitivity for absorbing and learning from his environment. In order to use this ability and develop fully, a child needs freedom within limits. Therefore, our Montessori classrooms are carefully prepared environments offering materials and experiences that allow the child to develop his intellectual, physical, and psychological abilities in an individualized manner that is always based on the careful observation of the child as he demonstrates his needs and interests. In such an environment, the child can develop his strong need for purposeful activity. It is this activity which leads a child to his most important goal—to cultivate his own natural desire to learn. Our task within our classrooms is to "Follow the Child" and to guide him wisely in his total development of himself as a confident, competent, and considerate human being.

For more information or a brochure to be sent to you, please contact Diane Lentz at 859-223-2867.

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